Dell Range/Section 20 Corridor Study

Summary of Project

The Dell Range Corridor is one of the most heavily used roads in Wyoming. The area of this study hosts Cheyenne’s Frontier Mall along with several large retail stores and other commercial establishments. The first section between Powderhouse and Converse is commercial on both north and south sides. On approaching Converse Avenue, the intensity of commercial activity reduces slightly. There are residential developments adjacent to the commercial corridor. Development on the north side of Dell Range is constrained by the Dry Creek Channel. Flood hazard areas exist along Dell Range and the Dry Creek Channel carries a significant amount of water.

The greenway system runs parallel to the corridor, however there is no good way to go across the corridor at intersections to access the various businesses. The sidewalk along the corridor is attached in most places and exposed to high volumes and high speed traffic. Long term solutions should be identified for safe mobility of all modes on this corridor.

Access and visibility to businesses is critical along Dell Range. The study will consider existing and future development regarding access for commercial build-out.



The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization is conducting a traffic safety and improvement study of Dell Range Boulevard from Powderhouse to College, along with Prairie Avenue.

Latest Updates

Study goals

  • Improve traffic safety, efficiency, access and level of service for all corridor users
  • Identify improvements that enhance commercial viability
  • Develop a concept connecting the Storey/Converse Greenway and the Dry Creek Greenway

The project goals will be shaped further through the public involvement process.

Key considerations
While studying the corridor, the project consultant, Ayres Associates, will give considerable thought to the following key points:

  • Intersection design recommendations
  • Access improvements
  • A potential Greenway Crossing near Converse
  • Potential spot improvements
  • Prairie Avenue drainage design recommendations
  • Recommendations for underdeveloped parcels
  • Sidewalk connections/recommendations

The final plan report will include an implementation strategy including project prioritization, phasing, cost, and implementation timeline.

Public Involvement
This study will include a series of meetings with business owners as well as the public. Input from property owners, businesses, and the surrounding community will help identify areas for improvement, additional needs, and opportunities.

To provide input or to be contacted about upcoming meetings, please email us at

A public meeting was held on Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, Kiwanis Community House, inside Lions Park.

Final Road Safety Audit Report

Exhibits for April 2nd Public Meeting

5 Year Crash Data

Traffic Counts and Level of Service


Exhibits for December 17 Public Meeting

Intersection Improvements

Greenway Improvements

Greenway Improvements-Option1

Greenway Improvements-Option2

Prairie and Frontier Mall Improvements

Road Cross-Section Options

Typical Sections

Converse Six Lane Expansion

2010 Crash Report

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