Committees play an important role for the Cheyenne MPO! You can learn more about the Policy and Technical committees below.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee decides how the Federal Planning Funds (PL), Transit Planning Funds, and Federal Surface Transportation Program-Urban (STP-U) Funds will be spent within the urban area. The Policy Committee approves the MPO Work Program and adopts plans and programs prepared by the MPO.

Voting members include City Mayor, County Commissioner and the District Engineer of WYDOT: The three agencies that make up the MPO.

Agendas and Minutes

Please check back for future meetings. To view agendas and/or minutes from past meetings, click on the links below:

August 24, 2023 Agenda

June 15, 2023 Agenda

March 22, 2023 Meeting

December 21, 2022 Meeting

September 14, 2022 Meeting


Voting Members

Mayor Patrick Collins

Commissioner Linda Heath

Ralph Tarango, P.E. WYDOT District Engineer

Non-Voting Members

Charles Bloom, City Planning Director

Thomas Cobb, P.E. City Engineer

Vicki Nemecek, Public Works Director/Transit

Michelle Aldrich, City Council

Molly Bennett, County Public Works

Julianne Monahan, WYDOT Planning

Mark Wingate, P.E. WYDOT Planning

Ryan Shields, P.E. WYDOT District

Richard Duran, FHWA

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is comprised of Planners, Engineers, and technical members of the City, County, WYDOT, and other agencies/organizations in the Cheyenne area which have a direct interest in the development of an efficient and effective transportation system.  The Technical committee recommends to Policy Committee approval of plans and projects.

Agendas and Minutes

Cheyenne MPO Technical Committee meetings begin at 10:00 a.m in room 208, 2101 O’Neil Avenue, unless otherwise noted. To view agendas and/or minutes from past meetings, click on the links below:

August 23, 2023 Agenda

May 17, 2023 Agenda

March 1, 2023 Minutes

January 11, 2023 Minutes

October 12, 2022 Minutes


Voting Members

Vicki Nemecek, City of Cheyenne, Public Works Director

Tom Cobb, City of Cheyenne, City Engineer

Charles Bloom, City of Cheyenne, Planning Director

Julianne Monahan, WYDOT Planning, Transportation Planner

Wayne Shenefelt, WYDOT District, Resident Engineer

Andrea Allen, WYDOT Engineering, Project Development

Molly Bennett, Laramie County Public Works, Public Works Director

Justin Arnold, Laramie County Planning, Planner

John Poelma, Laramie County Public Works

Jeff Daugherty, Laramie County School District #1, Facilities Planner

Betsy Hale, Cheyenne LEADS, Economic Development

Sam Weinstein, Southeast Wyo. Builders Assoc., Private Development Representative

Todd Eldridge, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Base Planning

Tim Bradshaw, Cheyenne Regional Airport, Aviation

Jef McMann, Black Hills Power, Electric and Gas Utilities

Frank Strong, Board of Public Utilities, Water and Sewer Utilities

Sally Stainbank, Trucking Industry Representative, Lowe’s Truck Freight

Kristy Richardson, Disabilities Representative, ADA/Mayor’s Council

Matt Butler, County Emergency Management, Emergency Management

Renae Jording, Cheyenne Transit Program, Public Transit Agency

Jeanie Vetter, Cheyenne Area Trails Planner, Bicycle and Pedestrian Representative

Dena Hanson, South Cheyenne Water & Sewer, Water and Sewer Utilities

Vacant, Safety Representative, Transportation Safety

Vacant, UPRR, Rail FreightNon-Voting Members

Non-Voting Members

Richard Duran, Federal Highways Administration, Planner

Deanne Widauf, Housing and Urban Development, Director