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If you love data, this page is for you! Come take a look at various maps, collected transportation data, interactive map services and more.

Crash Report

This report contains a record for each reported traffic crash in the area. The crash record provides information on the date, time, collision type, vehicle type, driver demographics, and contributing factors for each crash. The data originates from WYDOT Highway Safety Office.

10 Year Total Crashes Cheyenne Area Interactive Map

2022 Annual Crash Report Cheyenne Urban Area

2021 Annual Crash Report Cheyenne Urban Area

2020 Annual Crash Report Cheyenne Urban Area

2019 Annual Crash Report Cheyenne Urban Area

2018 Annual Crash Report Cheyenne Urban Area

2017 Annual Crash Report Cheyenne Urban Area


Cheyenne Traffic Counts

View multiple year traffic counts from a variety of points in the Cheyenne region.

Cheyenne Area Interactive Traffic Count Map – 2022 Counts now Available

Traffic Counts 2013 – 2019

Traffic Counts Map 2016 -2019


Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ)

A traffic analysis zone (TAZ) is a special area delineated by local transportation officials for tabulating traffic-related data -especially journey-to-work and place-of-work statistics. A TAZ usually consists of one or more census blocks, block groups, or census tracts.

Cheyenne Area Traffic Analysis Zones Interactive Map

Interactive Map Services

The GIS Program members are actively involved in creating, hosting and maintaining public and internal Interactive Map Services using various technologies. As new public sites are developed, the following list will be updated.

Note: High-speed broadband internet connectivity is recommended to view the mapping sites below.

ArcGIS Online maps for City of Cheyenne and Laramie County – This site contains an assortment of maps to help you locate Traffic Counts, Parks, Greenway Paths, Zoning Districts, and Public Buildings. The content changes periodically, so check back often.

Floodplain Mapping – Query and search properties in relation to the special flood hazard areas for Cheyenne and Laramie County.

Laramie County Parcel Viewer – Query and search parcels and addresses for assessed owner information current as of the first of the year.

Laramie County School District #1 School Boundaries & School Locator Query and search for schools, district boundaries and bus stops.

Wyoming Department of Transportation Travel Information Map

Free Maps

These free maps are made available for download and/or printing and are updated once a year. They are provided by the Cheyenne – Laramie County GIS Cooperative.

To view the most current roads, streets, zoning and other GIS data layers, visit the Cheyenne – Laramie Cooperative GIS Database Search and Interactive Mapping Site here.

County Road Map (.PDF)

City Street Map (.PDF)

City Zoning Map (.PDF)

County Zoning Map (.PDF)

Cheyenne Area Snow and Ice Control Guide