PlanCheyenne – Cheyenne Area Master Plan

Tell Us: How Would YOU Improve Transportation in Cheyenne? 

Take the Community Mobility Survey

Add a comment to the Community Input Map

By responding to the survey and interactive map, you’ll help shape the future of Cheyenne’s transportation! 

In the survey, some questions you’ll answer include: 

  • What would you change about our streets to feel safer when driving or riding in your personal vehicle?
  • As a cyclist or pedestrian, what would you change to make getting around safer and easier?
  • Which new transportation mode or technology are you most interested in?

You can also add comments to the Community Input Map: A way for you to tell us where you’re running into challenges (and see opportunities for improvement) with mobility around Cheyenne.

In addition to leaving your own notes on the map, you can see specific locations and comments others have shared. 

What is Connect 2045?

Last updated in 2014, PlanCheyenne is ready to evolve again! 

Meet Connect 2045: The Cheyenne area’s new Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for all modes of travel, including car, bike, pedestrian, transit, and freight. 

This plan is designed to: 

  • Understand our region’s existing and future transportation needs and identify viable solutions
  • Capture our community’s desires for the region’s transportation system
  • Prioritize strategies to meet the anticipated transportation needs 

After adoption, Connect 2045 will define the region’s transportation strategy for the next five to 25 years… which is why it’s important for us to collect feedback from community members like you now

Connect 2045 resources

Looking for information from past open houses and presentations? You’ll find it all here! 

About PlanCheyenne

Adopted by the City of Cheyenne in 2006, PlanCheyenne is an award-winning, community-driven plan that charts the Cheyenne area’s course for the future. 

Created with the extensive involvement of citizens, city and county officials, and planners, PlanCheyenne represents Cheyenne’s approach to growing as a “community of choice” and contains three major components:

To see a detailed executive summary of PlanCheyenne and learn more about each component above, click here.

PlanCheyenne archives  


Click the links below to view the original plans and executive summary from when PlanCheyenne was adopted in 2006. 


PlanCheyenne: Reflections and Progress 2014 was the first major update to the 2006 PlanCheyenne. Click the links below to view the updates (City and County) versions to each plan.  

Questions about PlanCheyenne or Connect 2045?

Contact the Cheyenne MPO at (307) 638-4385, or visit our office in Cheyenne at 615 W. 20th Street.