Cheyenne Area Transportation Master Plan

Meet Connect 2045: The Cheyenne area’s new Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for all modes of travel, including car, bike, pedestrian, transit, and freight. 

What’s Connect 2045?

Connect 2045 identifies transportation investments necessary for Cheyenne / Laramie County to thrive for the next 25 years. Now that those investments have been prioritized and compared to the forecasted local, state and national revenues, we’ve developed a fiscally constrained projects list… and we want your feedback!

What happens next?

Currently, the Connect 2045 plan is on step 8 of 10 in our “Transportation Plan 10-Step”: Plan Adoption! 

In preparation for final adoption, the Connect 2045 plan will go to the both the City and County Planning Commissions for certification and approval, followed by the City Governing Body and/or the Laramie County Commissioners.

About Connect 2045

Last updated in 2014, PlanCheyenne is ready to evolve again! Connect 2045 is the Cheyenne area’s new Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for all modes of travel, including car, bike, pedestrian, transit, and freight. This plan is designed to:

    Understand our region’s existing and future transportation needs and identify viable solutions

    Capture our community’s desires for the region’s transportation system

    Prioritize strategies to meet the anticipated transportation needs 

    After adoption, Connect 2045 will define the region’s transportation strategy for the next five to 25 years—which is why it’s important for us to collect feedback from community members like you now

    Connect 2045 resources

    Looking for information from past open houses and presentations? You’ll find it all here! 

    Data and trends from the Community Workshop presentation
    • Demographics and Growth Trends
    • Commute Trends, Roadway Data and Trends
    • Existing Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure
    Community Workshop presentation
    • About Connect 2045
    • Project Updates/Coordination
    • Project Plan and Policy Review
    • Next Steps

    About PlanCheyenne

    Adopted by the City of Cheyenne in 2006, PlanCheyenne is an award-winning, community-driven plan that charts the Cheyenne area’s course for the future. 

    Created with the extensive involvement of citizens, city and county officials, and planners, PlanCheyenne represents Cheyenne’s approach to growing as a “community of choice” and contains three major components:

    To see a detailed executive summary of PlanCheyenne and learn more about each component above, click here.

    PlanCheyenne Archives 


    PlanCheyenne: Interim Cheyenne Area Master Plan was an update to the 2014 PlanCheyenne. Click the links below to view the Interim Plan.


    PlanCheyenne: Reflections and Progress 2014 was the first major update to the 2006 PlanCheyenne. Click the links below to view the updates (City and County) versions to each plan.



    Click the links below to view the original plans and executive summary from when PlanCheyenne was adopted in 2006. 


    Questions about PlanCheyenne or Connect 2045?

    Contact the Cheyenne MPO at (307) 638-4385, visit our office in Cheyenne at 615 W. 20th Street, or reach out online using the button below.