Scooters and Micromobility

The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization focuses on long-term planning and growth for our community. This includes the quickly growing area of transportation known as “micromobility,” in which the scooters you’ve been seeing around Cheyenne are included. 

Why scooters? What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to adding more travel modes to our community, including:

    Decreased reliance on private vehicles

    Fewer cars on the road, which means less competition for parking spots in busy areas (such as downtown Cheyenne)

    More options for those who can’t drive a car or have access to a car of their own

    Final approved ordinances

    Prior to the July 2021 arrival of Bird scooters in our community, the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization worked with the City of Cheyenne to modify existing ordinances. This was a necessary step to ensure scooters could be safely and responsibly implemented in our community. 

    4378 – Bicycles & Motor-Assisted Scooters: This ordinance defines and includes scooters into the operations and regulations pertaining to bicycles. This ordinance applies to all scooter usage, whether they are privately owned or rented through a company.

    4379 – Scooters: This ordinance outlines business regulations and sets operating expectations for micromobility companies and service providers. The ordinance was developed using national best practices and recommendations.

    Scooter boundaries and geofencing

    On the map, you’ll see the general boundaries in which the scooters can be used, as well as designated No Ride / No Park Zones, General Scooter No Ride Routes, Existing Greenway, and Parks.*

    No Ride

    Users will be unable to ride their scooter in this zone. Via the Bird app, users will be notified that they are in a No Ride Zone and asked to exit the area. The scooter will significantly decrease its speed until coming to a full and complete stop. 

    No Park

    Users will be unable to end their ride in this zone. Via the Bird app, users will be notified to leave the area and park in an allowed zone. If they do not, users will continue to accrue a cost for the ride until they park in an allowed zone.

    Slow Zone

    Users will be allowed to ride scooters through this zone, though at a reduced speed. Reduced speeds are less than 10 m.p.h., whereas normal operating speed does not exceed 15 m.p.h. 

    Preferred Parking

    While users are allowed to park anywhere that is not zoned “No Parking,” preferred parking encourages users to park responsibly. Preferred parking is highlighted in the Bird app. 

    *Refer to the map in the scooter company app for the most up-to-date geofencing boundaries, including No Ride, No Park, Slow Zone, and Preferred Parking.

    Scooter FAQs

      How do the scooters work?

      Dockless scooters are placed by the operating company in high foot traffic areas. After downloading the scooter app, riders will use the map in the app to locate the closest available scooter. Some companies (such as Bird and Lime) allow a rider to reserve a scooter up to 30 minutes in advance. Once located, the rider uses the app to check-out the scooter and ride to their destination. Once they have reached their destination, the rider ends their trip, parks the scooter, and goes about their day.

      Where can I ride?

      As outlined in City Code 10.82, scooters are to follow all the same rules of the road as bicycles. In terms of riding, scooters are allowed to ride in the street, as well as on the sidewalk. However, sidewalk riding is prohibited in the Central Business District (between 15th Street and 24th Street, and between Bent Avenue and House Avenue).

      Where can I park?

      Scooters can be parked anywhere, except in “No Parking Zones.” (Riders will not be able to end their trip in a No Parking Zone). Bike racks are a great place to park scooters, though not required. We ask that riders be thoughtful and considerate in where they choose to park by avoiding curb ramps, not blocking any storefront doors or the sidewalk, and not parking a scooter in the street, or in neighbors’ yards.

      How much does it cost?

      The cost to ride a scooter is based on time (not distance). In the Cheyenne market, Bird costs $1 to start a ride and $0.39 per minute. Bird also offers a Community Pricing Program to ensure scooter accessibility to marginalized and disadvantaged community members.  Lime Scooters cost $1 to start a ride and $0.29 per minute.

      What is Geofencing?

      Geofencing is a valuable tool that creates virtual boundaries around specific geographic locations such as sidewalks, streets, and public spaces. The use of geofencing for scooters emphasizes specific areas where parking and riding is prohibited or where parking is encouraged.

      Submitting complaints/issues

      If you experience any issues, please contact Bird or Lime directly. This will create a report in their system to formally address any complaints or issues and is also beneficial to the City in keeping track of these complaints or issues.

      Community Mode in the Bird mobile app

      Community Mode is accessible by clicking the “⚠️” in the bottom left corner within the Bird mobile app. Click this button, and you’ll find three separate options: Report a “Badly Parked Bird,’’ “Damaged Bird,” and “Contact Bird.” This is by far the most efficient way to report the aforementioned topics to the Bird Team, and you do not have to be a rider to use this feature.

      Bird General Support Email

      If riders/constituents would like to reach out over email, the address is 

      Bird General Support Line

      To reach out over the phone, the 24/7 support line number is +1 (866) 205-2442

      Lime Customer Service within Mobile App

      Riders can contact customer service within the app.  So Easy! You can also review self-help FAQs and a portal for customer service submissions are available at

      Lime General Support on Social Media or Email

      Anyone can tag @_LimeAid on Twitter for customer service or service can be contacted by email at

      Lime General Support Line

      To reach out over the phone, the 24/7 support line number is +1-888-LIME-345

      Scooter Riding: Do’s and Don’ts 


        • Do park scooters with care, out of pedestrian walkways and closer to
          buildings or the street curb.
        • Do provide ample space between pedestrians, buildings, entryways, ramps, and driveways.
        • Do use bike lanes when available on streets.
        • Do wear helmets to stay safe. (Helmets not required but encouraged).


        • Don’t ride near pedestrians or on sidewalks.
        • Don’t park scooters in the way of pedestrians.
        • Don’t park scooters in the middle of sidewalks.
        • Don’t park scooters in the middle of bike lanes or streets.
        • Don’t leave scooters laying on the ground.

        Do you have questions about micromobility in Cheyenne?

        Contact the Cheyenne MPO at (307) 638-4385, visit our office in Cheyenne at 2101 O’Neil Ave Room 304, or reach out online using the button below.