We’re the agency responsible for developing transportation plans and policies and coordinating the various federal, state, and local agencies involved in long-range transportation planning and project development.

A common misperception is that we’re a city agency.  We’re not.  We’re a federally-funded organization to work on regional issues related to growth and development.  We work very closely with the city and county to improve transportation and quality-of life improvements for the Cheyenne area.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are all over the country.  They’re federally mandated for every community with over 50,000 people.  Congress created MPOs to ensure that existing and future expenditures of governmental funds for transportation projects and programs are based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive (3C) planning process. This helps assure that tax dollars are spent wisely.

What have we been doing in Cheyenne?  We’ve been very busy.  Check out all of our projects here.  Some of our important  projects include planning the 19th-Converse-Pershing roundabout, the Cheyenne On-street Bicycle plan, the Storey and Converse extension, the Norris Viaduct, the updated Greenway Plan, the Greenway extension, and many more.

Probably one of the most important projects we’re working on now is the Downtown Strategic Parking Plan. This Plan will study and analyze the parking situation in downtown Cheyenne and how the City can manage its parking more cost effectively and efficiently.

While these various studies are going on, we also prepare a Transportation Improvement Program.  These contain a prioritized list of all proposed and funded highway, street, transit, airport, and public utility projects in Cheyenne for a four year period. We provide the funding estimates for the implementation of those programs as well.

Central to our mission is safety of the travelling public, whatever your preferred means of transportation might be.  The Cheyenne MPO was one of the first in the country to develop a dedicated regional transportation safety management plan to address crashes and injuries on our roadways.

You can read all about our organization here.  

We want your questions, your feedback, and your concerns.  

In the near future, we will hold a live Question and Answer period on Facebook where you can ask me anything about the MPO or any of our ongoing projects.

Until then, thank you for your interest and please stay engaged in planning for the future of your community.