Fox Farm Road Corridor Plan

Summary of Project

Fox Farm Road between Walterscheid Blvd. and College Drive is classified as a collector. Over the past couple of decades new businesses and developments in and around the area have resulted in an increase of traffic volumes along the Fox Farm corridor. The Fox Farm Road Corridor Study was initiated to develop transportation recommendations to assist the community in preparing for anticipated growth and redevelopment, as well as, to better serve the needs of the Fox Farm Road Corridors pedestrians, vehicle, bicycle, transit users, and redevelopment opportunities within the area.

The key objectives included:

  • The establishment of a conceptual multi-modal transportation and streetscape plan for the corridor with a greater detail study of up to 35% design for the major intersections of Walterscheid Blvd., South Greeley Highway, Morrie/ Avenue C, and College Drive.
  • Identify short and long term recommendations to balance increased safety for vehicles, freight traffic, transit users, bicyclists, and pedestrians with consideration of construction costs and facility maintenance.
  • Develop a conceptual land use plan for the corridor area.
  • The boundaries of the Fox Farm Road project are from Derr Avenue to College Drive (east and west), and I-80 to E. Jefferson Road (north to south). The plan also includes conceptual future alignments for the extension of Fox Farm Road, Allison Road, and College Drive into the un-platted land east of College. Additionally, the study included Burlington Trail Road, located between Campstool Road and South Industrial Road).

Figure 1: Study area and vicinity


The primary purpose of this project was to create a planning document which promotes revitalization, safety, and complete streets, while being sensitive to current function, property owners, maintenance, and construction costs. After discussion with the key members of the County, City, and MPO staff, the goals of the project were the following:

  • Create a realistic guide document for the future development of the corridor and surrounding area.
  • Develop a priority list of future roadway and infrastructure improvement projects.
  • Develop intersection alternatives and improvements along Fox Farm Road at Avenue C, Walterscheid Blvd., College Drive, and the intersection of South Industrial Road at College Drive.
  • Review options for bicycle, pedestrian, transit, industrial freight, and passenger vehicle use on Fox Farm Road.