East Allison Rd Corridor Plan

Summary of Project

East Allison Road Corridor is 1.6 miles in length and is identified as a Major Collector on the City of Cheyenne Master Street Plan Official Map. The Cheyenne MPO (MPO) is conducting this study to inventory existing conditions, analyze alternative solutions, and develop a plan that solves existing corridor issues and proposes future changes to the corridor.

The existing corridor is a county maintained road in an urban environment. Between South Greeley Highway and Avenue C, the poor condition of the road surface and drainage issues are valid concerns of the neighborhood. There is a lack of sidewalks; however, greenway infrastructure is in the vicinity. There is a gap in the corridor between Avenue C and the west side of the Niobrara Energy Park with dedicated right-of-way for a future road connection. Additional right-of-way will be needed to complete the corridor. The right-of-way through the Niobrara Energy Park is adequate for the proposed connection, but may require upgrades in the future for separate bike lanes if traffic volumes increase.

Project Area

The project area can be broken into three sections:

Section 1 – East Allison from US 85 to Avenue C
Section 2 – The unimproved section from Avenue C to Niobrara Energy Park
Section 3 – East Allison through Niobrara Energy Park

Project Goals

  • Connect East Allison Road from Avenue C to Niobrara Energy Park
  • Improve Overall Safety
  • Address Drainage Issues
  • Enhance Pedestrian/Bicycle Facilities
  • Provide Cost Estimates for Construction

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