Walterscheid Boulevard Plan

Summary of Project

As our community grows, transportation needs change, and our transportation system must adapt to these changes. With continuing growth and development in South Cheyenne, it is projected that traffic levels will significantly increase on Walterscheid Boulevard. In addition, the corridor experiences significant drainage issues.

This study looks at improving Walterscheid Boulevard between Deming Drive and West College Drive. The primary goal of the project is to provide a conceptual design for the reconstruction of Walterscheid that meets the future mobility needs of the residents and businesses in South Cheyenne and the greater Cheyenne community. Specifically, the project will look at opportunities for intersection and drainage improvements, minimize traffic conflicts, enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety, and accommodate the connectivity of the Greenway Trail system.

Key elements of the project include determining the most appropriate cross-section, intersection improvements, and ensuring the safety of all modes to transform Walterscheid Boulevard into a Complete Street.

Project Objective

Develop a conceptual plan for the reconstruction and widening of Walterscheid Boulevard between Deming Drive and West College Drive that meets the future mobility needs of the residents and businesses along the corridor and throughout South Cheyenne.

Project Goals

  • Update to a Minor Arterial between Deming Drive and College Drive (Fox Farm intersection is not included)
  • Conversion to a Complete Street
  • Create a plan to be used as a guide and template for future development
  • Involve stakeholders, including the public, in our data collection and recommendations
  • Be able to justify our recommendations

Upcoming Events

County Planning Commission is October 13, 2022, 3:30pm, at the County Commission Meeting Room
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City Planning Commission is October 17, 2022, 6:00pm, City Council Chambers

Your chance to give Pubic Comment on this plan!

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