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Summary of Project

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) / Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) (the partners) are conducting a transit connection feasibility analysis between northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

This transit analysis will examine transit needs, routing, amenities, and the overall benefits to communities in the North Front Range region of Colorado and the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area.

This feasibility analysis will build on recent and ongoing planning efforts, examining travel markets, population/employment growth, and other infrastructure improvements across the two regions. It will also examine existing service models (like Bustang) and evaluate how to maximize connectivity for users through integration with local transit providers.

Final Reports

Project Goals

What are the desired outcomes?

The primary outcomes of this effort will include:

  • An examination of transit demand and if demand is deemed sufficient to support the new transit service
  • Evaluation and recommendation of appropriate service models (fixed route, on-demand, deviated, etc.), matched to the potential demand and potential service patterns
  • Evaluation and recommendation of termini, routing, bus technology/vehicle, and stops (as applicable to the recommended service type), including examining the potential integration with other existing/proposed transit improvements, mobility hubs, and major activity centers
  • Conceptual-level capital and operating costs for the final recommended service

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You’ll have several more opportunities to provide feedback on the type of transit you would like to see connecting the North Front Range of Colorado with the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area.

Get Involved

You are invited to review, comment, ask questions, and stay connected! For the latest project information and to see additional opportunities to provide feedback, check for updates on our website or Facebook page to stay informed.  

For questions about this project, contact Cheyenne MPO Director Tom Mason via email or by calling (307) 637-6299.