Cheyenne Wayfinding Plan

Summary of Project

The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization together with the Cheyenne Area Convention and Visitors Bureau are beginning a process to develop a Wayfinding Plan for the Cheyenne area. Wayfinding is the act of finding ones way to a destination and wayfinding design/plan, by extension is a process of helping people find their way. The purpose of the Cheyenne Area Wayfinding Plan is to aid visitors in navigating to key destinations and attractions and to strengthen the sense of place in the community. The initial conceptual plan will be developed with the input from a Visioning Committee. The plan will also include a comprehensive inventory of the existing sign system in Cheyenne, sign family hierarchies, conceptual designs and potential sign locations. After the completion of the conceptual phase, a second phase of the plan is expected to be done which would involve the final designing of signs as well as choosing locations for each of the signs.