“Open house” is code for “we want your feedback on an awesome new plan!”

Here’s what you can expect when you show up.

Why should I attend an MPO open house?

We’re humans, so naturally, we want to know: What’s in it for me? 

We get it. And by attending an open house, you get easily one of the coolest perks of all time:

The ability to influence a plan. 

For example, say a new plan will directly impact a travel route you take every day, or it’s right next to your neighborhood. You, dear resident within the Cheyenne MPO boundary, have unique insight into this area. 

By attending an open house, you get to have a say in whether a plan is going to work the way it’s being developed, or speak up and say, “Nope, that won’t work, and here’s why.”

What happens at the first open house for a plan? 

At the first open house, we have three goals:

  • Share data and information about the plan
  • Share any potential options or alternatives to consider as part of the plan
  • Collect feedback / suggestions from everyone who attends

When you get to the open house you’ll see boards set up all around the room, sharing the story of the plan: Why is it happening? What’s the general goal? What are we hoping to solve? 

Feel free to wander and enjoy the boards at your leisure, getting to know the plan and jotting down any notes as you go.

Do I get to ask questions? 

Absolutely, yes, 1000%, please do. 

After all, open houses are all about getting feedback from the public (good or bad), and like we said, what you share with us and the consultant will directly influence the plan. 

Your favorite MPO team (hey hiiiiii hello) will be there to answer any questions you have, and so will a consultant for the plan. You’ll also get your very own comment card to share feedback, which the consultant will refer back to after the meeting. 

What happens at the second open house for a plan? 

After the first open house, the plan consultant settles in with the stack of comment cards and gives ‘em a good read-through. He or she will take notes, thoughtfully considering the feedback and how it can be incorporated into the plan.

At the second open house, you’re invited to come on back and see what’s new. 

The consultant will have new boards set up, so you can see take a leisurely stroll around to check out new data, any proposed alternatives / solutions for concerns shared at open house #1, and any additional changes to plan from the last time you saw it. 

The goal for this open house is a really big deal:

Get a solid consensus of, “yep, that’ll work great” to confirm everyone agrees with the solutions the consultant shared. 

How do I know when an open house is coming up? 

We’ll let you know at least a week in advance on the MPO Facebook page, so make sure you’re following us there! 

If social media isn’t your thing, keep an eye on the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle; we share open house announcements there, too. 

Thanks for being interested in what goes on at an open house! 

If you have a question we didn’t answer here, ask us in the comments, or stop by and ask on Facebook.