West Allison Road Corridor

Summary of Project

By adding sidewalks, widening the roadway, and installing a traffic signal where West Allison Road meets Walterscheid Boulevard, we achieved the goal of providing safer travel for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians alike.

This plan was for the proposed W. Allison Rd. reconstruction from S. Greeley Highway to Parsley Blvd. Allison Rd. is classified as a Collector and the road cross section options for the corridor shall be designed as per the guidelines in the current City Road Standards. PlanCheyenne’s Long Range Transportation Plan adopted by the City of Cheyenne in 2006, identifies Allison Rd. from Cribbon Ave. to Avenue C to be rebuilt to urban standards. The Allison Road corridor goes through both City and County lands but since it is within the Urban Growth Boundary, it should be planned and designed as an urban roadway with curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Because of the three schools and residential predominance in this area, it is essential for this corridor to provide a good walkable pedestrian environment.