Prairie Ave Transportation Plan Traffic Study

Summary of Project

In order to help address transportation issues involved with the neighborhood-requested closure of Prairie at Dry Creek, the City Engineering and Cheyenne MPO staff believe a thorough transportation study should be conducted. Not only should the effects of the potential closure to the immediate neighborhood be addressed, but also on the entire community and commercial traffic east of Powderhouse.

In 1998, the Cheyenne MPO hired States West Water Resources Corporation to look into Prairie Avenue reconstruction alternatives to address drainage issues raised in the Master Storm Water Drainage Plan, 1988. One of those alternatives, the removal of the drainage structure and closure of Prairie Avenue, was considered by the public and the City Governing Body as a 1% Optional Sales Tax project. However, it was not selected for the tax election in November 1998. The neighborhood generally spoke against the idea of closing access to Dell Range.

Citizens of the neighborhood had requested the City consider closing the roadway due to perceived heavy cut-through and commercial traffic. Led by the citizens of the neighborhood, petitions were circulated and a neighborhood meeting was held to obtain input to the idea. Their requests also stated that by closing the road there would be no large long-term construction expenses related to sizing the drainage structure, improved drainage for flood control along Dry Creek, and increased parking opportunities for the Greenway.

The study made recommendations for improvements, especially pedestrian improvements, from the intersection of Prairie and Powderhouse to just east of the Pointe Frontier Retirement Community.