Downtown Lincolnway Placemaking Pedestrian and Urban Design Plan

Summary of Project

The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization is working with Russell + Mills Studios to evaluate and recommend potential pedestrian and urban design improvements to the Downtown section of Lincolnway, between Warren Avenue and Missile Drive (see Study Area Map).

Phase I, which focussed on Lincolnway was completed without a final design alternative recommendation. The MPO is now working on Phase II, which expands on the study area, covering 17th and 18th Street, and extending the scope of Lincolnway up to Logan Avenue. The final plan is expected to wrap up the design ideas from Phase I and Phase II into one comprehensive report.

Project Background and Existing Conditions

This section of Lincolnway serves as important gateway into the city’s downtown area. Most notably, the corridor includes the historic Cheyenne Depot, which is home to the Depot Museum, year-round Farmers Market activities, and seasonal Fridays on the Plaza events. These activities generate significant walking activity along the corridor, and necessitate safe and plentiful pedestrian crossing opportunities.

Lincolnway is also a corridor that is ripe for commercial and mixed use development, redevelopment, and other types of investment. However, while some areas along the corridor contain vibrant storefronts and well-attended events, others contain a significant number of vacant properties and struggling businesses. Thus, one important aim of this placemaking plan is to use public improvements to inspire private investment along the corridor.

Study Goals, Objectives and Desired Outcomes

  • Improve pedestrian safety and comfort
  • Highlight and celebrate the unique history of the Lincolnway corridor
  • Inspire business development, redevelopment, and investment
  • Balance travel, circulation, and access needs along the corridor