Greenway Extension Plan

Summary of Project

The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Greenway Advisory Committee (GAC), and the Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department have selected three areas for the next planning phase:

Holliday Park Connector – A Greenway path that extends west from the soon-to-be-built Greenway near Henderson Dr. along the Union Pacific ROW, through the Norris Viaduct intersection and on to Holliday Park. (The length of this section is approximately 1.4 miles)

South Side School Connector – This section is a discontinuous path that connects the pedestrian bridge near Deming and Walterscheid to the soon-to-be-built Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) path. The SRTS path runs just south of the South Park subdivision neighborhood and will connect to the north side of the I80 pedestrian bridge. On the south side of the I80 pedestrian bridge the path will pick up and eventually connect to the Safe Routes to School path on the north side of Johnson Jr. High School. It will connect the SRTS path to surrounding neighborhoods, Parsley Blvd., Allison Rd. and Walterscheid Blvd. south of Fox Farm Rd. (The length of this section is approximately 1.5 miles total)

Detention Ponds – This path will head east from the soon-to-be-built Sun Valley Phase III Greenway near the cul de sac on Baldwin Drive., and continue around the detention ponds and finally tie into the southern end of Taft Ave. (This section is approximately .9 miles long)

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  • Appendix A – Design Documentation
  • Appendix B – Public Involvement Documentation
  • Appendix C – Engineers Estimate of Probable Cost
  • Appendix D – Agency Comments
  • Appendix E – Right of Way Aquisition Documentation and Addendum
  • Appendix F – 2007 Greenway Extension Plan Sets 35% Plans