Evers Boulevard

Summary of Project

The MPO hired Ayres Associates, a Cheyenne planning and engineering firm, to do the analysis and prepare the Evers Boulevard Plan.

The primary goal of this project is to provide a conceptual design for the reconstruction of Evers Boulevard which is in need of extensive rehabilitation. The street has serious drainage concerns that has led to poor roadway and sidewalk conditions. The up-coming reconstruction project provides an opportunity to improve safety for all users including students, school busses, cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles.

Wide travel lanes, narrow attached sidewalks with a center turn lane provides ideal conditions for motorists to easily pick up speed traveling downhill. Another goal of this project is to determine a storm sewer design that will improve storm water run-off on Evers Boulevard, west of Bishop Blvd. The proposed storm water improvements should increase the life of the pavement while providing better storm protection for the adjacent properties and reduce and ice buildup in the lower reaches of the corridor.

After extensive public input and review by City staff the consultants will produce a thirty five percent design (preliminary) plan which will be used as a guide for final road and utility design.

For more information contact: Nancy Olson 307-638-4366 nolson@cheyennempo.org