Division Avenue and Wallick Road Corridor Study – 2015


Summary of Project

The boundaries of the Division Avenue and Wallick Road Corridor Plan are College Drive and Wallick Road (north to south), and Division Avenue and South Greeley Highway (west to east). The plan also includes conceptual future alignments for the development of Citrus Street from Division Avenue to Milatzo Avenue and Angie Street from Division Avenue to Rooks Avenue. Figure 1 depicts the study area and vicinity.

The primary purpose of this project is to create a 35% multi-modal corridor plan which enhances circulation and access to homes and businesses in the southwest urban area of Laramie County/ Cheyenne. After discussion with the key members of the County, City, and MPO staff, the goals of the project was to create a realistic 35% design plan that resulted in a multimodal corridor which:

  • is sensitive to the needs of the property owners,
  • promotes safety,
  • minimizes long term maintenance,
  • serves all transportation users,
  • encourages economic development and economically feasible.