Converse Avenue Improvement Plan

Summary of Project

As our community grows, transportation needs change, and our transportation system must adapt to these changes. With continuing development north of Dell Range Boulevard, it is projected that traffic levels will significantly increase on Converse Avenue.  In addition, the segment south of Ogden Road is deteriorating and in need of replacement.

This study looks at improving Converse Avenue between Dell Range Boulevard and a new intersection with the planned extension of Carlson Street. The primary goal of the project is to provide a conceptual design for the reconstruction of Converse Avenue that meets the future mobility needs of the residents and businesses along the Converse Avenue corridor and the greater Cheyenne community. Specifically, the project will look at options for intersection and drainage improvements, minimize traffic conflicts, enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety, and accommodate extension of the Greenway Corridor as well as evaluate pedestrian crosswalks. Key elements of the project include determining the most appropriate 3-lane or 4-lane roadway cross-section, intersection improvements, and need for future traffic signals.

We’re all done!  View the  Converse Avenue Improvement Plan Final Report (.PDF)

Project Objective

Develop a corridor improvement plan that enhances mobility and safety for all users to serve existing and future land use and traffic growth projections between Dell Range Boulevard and the new Carlson Street extension.

Project Goals

  • Identify the community’s vision for the corridor
  • Identify the corridor roadway cross-section
  • Enhance pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety, including crossings of Converse Avenue and connections to other facilities
  • Improve intersection design and evaluate the need for traffic signal controls
  • Minimize traffic conflicts through corridor access management