8th Ave Corridor Plan

Summary of Project

This corridor plan addresses a highly visible transportation corridor fringed by Frontier Park/ Lions Park on the north and the historic Moore Haven Heights neighborhood on the south. Due to its proximity to the park and residential areas, the corridor experiences high pedestrian and bicycle use. Also, special events such as Frontier Days and Super Day draw tourists plus locals leading to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic through the area. This generally creates an environment of higher conflicts between the different modes. Pedestrians and bicyclists trying to navigate from the residential area to the park find it difficult to locate a safe spot where they can go across 8th Ave and often end up crossing at places without marked and protected crosswalks. A Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) for the intersection of 8th & Carey was turned in on June 2010. The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is a policy for the City of Cheyenne to follow when evaluating neighborhood traffic complaints and requests. The MPO and City study committee, involved with the project, decided that a broader and comprehensive transportation plan would be a better solution than what the NTMP process could offer. The Plan will indentify short and long term recommendations to provide increased safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and vehicles. The Plan will also provide recommendations to enhance the attractiveness, safety, property value and efficiency of the corridor for all users.