19th Converse and Pershing Intersection


Summary of Project

These intersections are located near the geographical center of the City. The location is complicated, not only by the flat angle of the intersecting streets, but also by the developments located adjacent to the intersection. One of the major issues is the close proximity between the intersections of Pershing Blvd. and 19th Streets on Converse Avenue. As a result of the growth in the north and northeast areas of the City, and the traffic barrier created by the airport, the north (Converse) leg is now the busiest leg of the intersection with volumes exceeding 19,000 vehicles per day.

This plan will offer long range alternatives to improve the traffic. The specific items to be included in the study may include recommendations to modify driveways, intersections, parking, signing, striping, traffic control at intersections, signal timing and signal phasing. In addition, a public relations program will be created to providing the information and obtain feedback from the public.