Municipal Complex Pedestrian Routing Plan

The Municipal Complex Pedestrian Routing Plan, being prepared by  consultant firm, Russell-Mills, will recommend improvements  to the pedestrian connections and the environment from 20th Street to 22nd Street including the Municipal Building, north parking lot, as well as pedestrian connections to the Civic Center Commons and to Pioneer Ave.

The sidewalk and area between the two Civic Center Front Doors, the Municipal Building’s north parking lot, the Laramie County Library and Burke High Rise could be improved with new sidewalks, landscaping, improved pedestrian level lighting, wayfinding signs, etc.

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The area between the adjoining City of Cheyenne Civic Center/Municipal Building and the Cox Parking Garage spans north/south from 20th Street on the south to 22nd Street on the north.  The Laramie County Sheriff Office and County Jail are located on the south side of 20th Street.  On the north side of 22nd Street is the Laramie County Library.

New major projects in the vicinity are pushing the need for a small planning project to recommend pedestrian facility improvements within and adjacent to the vacated Thomes ROW between 20th and 22nd Streets.  West of the Municipal Building is the Civic Center Commons.  The goals of that project include flood mitigation while creating a public outdoor space within downtown. This new detention facility and park displaced 186 parking spaces which will mostly be absorbed into the North Parking Lot, Cox Parking Garage and/or on-street. Many Civic Center patrons and participants that parked in this West Lot will park elsewhere in the Municipal Complex area. A Cheyenne Municipal Area Parking Study was prepared in 2016 to address this parking displacement issue.  View the Cheyenne Municipal Area Parking Study

Secondly, Laramie County has started the construction of an addition to the Laramie County Detention Facility. The new project will add 112 new prison beds to the existing 350.  This new construction will add to the building generally on the west, northwestern side of the building and reach up 5 stories plus the mechanical equipment.  This addition will impact existing parking for Sheriff employees.  A small parking lot at the corner of 20th and Thomes will be removed as the new building will be located on that spot.  During construction, on-street parking on 20th will need to be used for construction staging therefore displacing sheriff parking which they now use for quick access.

Many people that attend Civic Center events and concerts park in the Cox Parking Garage. Some avoided the parking garage and preferred the West Parking lot, but as mentioned, it is no longer available due to the construction of Civic Center Commons. Therefore, some of those people will choose to park in the North Parking Lot, other nearby lots or on-street or the County Library Parking lot which is north of 22nd Street.

The sidewalk and area between the two Civic Center Front Doors and the Municipal Building North Parking Lot and further north to the County Library and Burke High Rise could be improved with new sidewalks, landscaping, new pedestrian level lighting, wayfinding signs, etc.

This study will plan for an improved pedestrian connection and environment from 20th Street to 22nd Street including the Municipal Building North Parking lot and the areas west to O’Neil Ave. and east to Pioneer Ave.  The consultant, Russell-Mills will consider improvements through and around the North Parking Lot and provide graphic or video representations of the proposals with detailed specifications, itemized quantities and cost estimates.

Public Workshop Presentation October 23, 2018