East Dell Range Blvd / US 30 Corridor Study

US 30 and Dell Range Plan Open House Presentation from Open House #2

This corridor study is an update to the 2008 East Dell Range / U.S. 30 and Christensen Railroad Overpass Plan. The project will review the corridors and main intersections from College Drive eastward to the UPRR Overpass near the Archer Interchange. The eastern edge of Cheyenne is continuing to experience heavy residential growth and the impacts to the existing road network are rising. Traffic is increasing on all the classified roadways in the area plus the planned Christensen Railroad Overpass Project is expected to go out to bid in the fall of 2018.  This major road connector will link Interstate 80 with U.S. 30 adding a much-needed bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad main line. This will also impact and make changes to the existing road network.

The study will look at the corridors and the intersections along these Principal Arterials as well as drainage components. Other classified roadways which intersect Dell Range and U.S. 30 will be reviewed and considered.  The 2008 Plan can be found here.

 The project will study the U.S. 30 Highway from College Drive through the Christensen intersection and beyond to the UPRR Overpass near the Archer Interchange as well as the Dell Range Boulevard Corridor from College Drive to its planned new intersection with U.S. 30. This project also deals with the cross streets in as much as they affect the intersections and traffic generation in the immediate area.

View the East Dell Range Blvd / US30 Corridor Study Fact Sheet

Figure 1 Study will Review U.S. 30 Eastward to the U.S. 30 UPRR Overpass near the Archer Interchange