East Dell Range Blvd / US 30 Corridor Study

Summary of Project

Figure 1 East Dell Range Blvd./ US 30 Corridor Study Area

This corridor study is an update to the 2008 East Dell Range / U.S. 30 and Christensen Railroad Overpass Plan. That 2008 Plan can be found here. This project evaluates the US. 30 Corridor (College Drive eastward to the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Overpass near the Archer Interchange) and East Dell Range Blvd. Corridor ( College Drive to U.S. 30) corridors, intersections, drainage, and existing utilities.

The eastern edge of Cheyenne is experiencing heavy residential growth along with the impacts to the existing road network. Traffic volumes  are anticipated to continue to increase with development and the planned Christensen Railroad Overpass Project which is expected to begin construction in the spring/ summer of 2019.  This major road connector will link Interstate 80 with U.S. 30 adding a much-needed bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad main line. This will also impact and make changes to the existing road network.

For additional information, please review the East Dell Range Blvd / U.S. 30 Corridor Study Fact Sheet Here

Latest Information and Links for the Project

East Dell Range / US 30 Corridor Study Open House Presentation from Open House #3, April 16, 2019

East Dell Range

East Dell Range Recommended Improvements (College Drive to US 30)

US 30

US 30 Recommended Improvements (College Drive to Christensen Rd)

US 30 Recommended Improvements (Christensen Road to the UPRR Bridge)

Older Information 

East Dell Range / US 30 Corridor Plan Open House Presentation from Open House #2