Archer Trail Connector Plan

Along with the City, the Cheyenne Greenway is expanding eastward with a soft surface trail planned for construction along the abandoned Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad which ends at HR Ranch Road near Campstool Road south of I-80. Laramie County has developed property called Laramie County Archer Complex which is south of the I-80 and the Archer Interchange.

Many Laramie County services are provided in the area, including the future Archer Events Center, County Planning and Coroner, County Public Works, Shooting Sports Complex, Laramie County Fair Board, Laramie County Emergency Management, Motocross Park, and Laramie County Juvenile Services.

Residential ranchette development in the near vicinity may soon include bridle trails that connect to Archer and could eventually connect to the CB & Q soft surface trail.

The Laramie County Fair is in the process of moving completely out to the Archer Complex and other family-oriented events occur regularly at this location. It is important to bring alternative modes of transportation to this growing activity center in our community

This plan will lay out a 10% conceptual trail alignment to connect existing Greenway with the Archer Complex. This plan will explore two to three maximum, alternative alignments to provide this connection along with different surfaces for the pathway that meet ADA guidelines and be accessible to pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, and equestrian users. The width of the path will also be determined in this planning process. The consultant will make a recommendation on a preferred alignment, width, and trail surfaces. The consultant will provide estimated costs for the 10% design level.


If there was a trail that linked the current Cheyenne Greenway and Trails system to the Archer Complex, would you use it?

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