Transportation Plans & Programs

Corridor / Transportation Plans

8th Ave Corridor Plan  2013

19th-Converse-and Pershing Intersection 2006

Cheyenne Regional Freight Mobility Plan 2016

Cheyenne Frontier Days Traffic Study & Transportation Plan, 2017

Converse / Dell Range Intersection Traffic Safety Plan & Converse Avenue 35% Design Plan 2017

Dell Range/Section 20 Corridor Study  2016

Division Avenue and Wallick Road Corridor Project  2015

Downtown Lincolnway Placemaking Pedestrian and Urban Design Plan  2016

East Dell Range/US 30 and Christensen Railroad Overpass Plan 2008

East Pershing Blvd Corridor, and Pershing Converse E 19th Intersection Design Project 2009

Evers Boulevard  2016

Fox Farm Road Corridor Plan 2013

High Plains Road Corridor Plan  2016

Missile Dr Corridor Plan 2010

Norris Viaduct 2005

Pershing Complete Streets Plan 2015

Reed Avenue Rail Corridor Plan 2017

South Greeley Highway Corridor Plan 2012

Storey/Van Buren Official Map Plan, Official Maps 2016

The Christensen Project: A Bridge to Prosperity 2015

West Allison Rd Corridor 2010

Whitney Road Corridor Plan 2017


Traffic Safety

Cheyenne Transportation Safety Initiative Ongoing

Intersection Safety Assessment 2010

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program 2016

Converse/Dell Range Intersection Traffic 2017

Other Resources

Safe Access is Good For Business

Safe Access is Good for Business – Watch this video!

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Cheyenne Area On-Street Bicycle Plan and Greenway Plan Update 2012

Cheyenne Metropolitan Area Safe Routes to School Plan 2010

Cheyenne Metropolitan Area Pedestrian Plan 2010

Greenway Extension Plan 2007

Cheyenne Greenway Extension Plan 1999

1992 Greenway Master Plan 1992

Southeast Greenway Trail Connector 2017


Cheyenne Transit Development Plan 2013
Cheyenne Transit Development Plan and Coordination Study 2008

Enhancement Plans

Cheyenne Area Street Enhancement Toolbox  2013
West Lincolnway Streetscape Plans  2013
Cheyenne Wayfinding Plan 2010
I-180 (Central/Warren Viaducts) Enhancement Plan  2005
Interchange Enhancement Design Guidebook 2011

General / Special Planning / Public Involvement Projects

Cheyenne Municipal Complex Parking Study 2017

Downtown Strategic Parking Management Plan 2017

County Road Maintenance Plan 2006
Complete Streets Workshop Next Steps Memorandum 2012
Finance Analysis 1997
I-80 / I-25 Interchange Study 2008
Laramie County & Colorado Workers Commuting Data Analysis 2008
Planning for Fiscal and Economic Health in Cheyenne, Next Steps Memo by Smart Growth America 2015
West Cheyenne Intermodal Transportation Study 2005


Other Resources

Transportation Improvement Program
MPO Archived Plans
City of Cheyenne Comprehensive Plan – PlanCheyenne
City of Cheyenne Unified Development Code
Laramie County Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations
Cheyenne Greenway System
Cheyenne Transit