Citizen’s Advisory Committee
Policy Committee
Technical Committee

Citizen’s Advisory Committee

All meetings begin at 3:00 p.m. in room 307, 2101 O’Neil Avenue, unless otherwise noted.

Quarterly meetings set third Thursday of the meeting month.



For more information contact Nancy Olson at (307)638-4366 or

Application for our current openings

MPO Citizens' Advisory Committee visits the Belvoir Ranch last fall

MPO Citizens’ Advisory Committee visits the Belvoir Ranch last fall


• Give input on the MPOs plans, products and project priorities
• Make recommendations regarding MPO plans or products to the MPO Policy Committee
• Communicate the goals and proposals of the Cheyenne MPO to the general public
• Serve as liaison between the Cheyenne MPO and the residents of the urbanized area


• Kathy Muller Ogle, Chair
• Mike Sandidge, Vice Chair
• Gene Burchett
• Stefanie Boster
• Gene Palen
• Michael Pearlman
• Wendy Braund

By Laws

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee decides how the Federal Planning Funds (PL), Transit Planning Funds, and Federal Surface Transportation Program-Urban (STP-U) Funds will be spent within the urban area.  The Planning Committee approves the MPO Work Program & adopts plans and programs prepared by the MPO.  Voting members include City Mayor, County Commissioner, & the District Engineer of WYDOT; the three agencies that make up the MPO.

Agendas and Minutes

Cheyenne MPO Policy Committee All meetings begin at 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Please check back for future meetings.

Voting Members

  • Tom DeHoff, P.E. District Engineer, WYDOT
  • Mayor Marian Orr, Cheyenne
  • Commissioner Troy Thompson, Laramie County

Non-Voting Members

  • Amy Allen, P.E., City Engineer
  • Planner, Laramie County Planning
  • Renae Jording, Transit Manager
  • Rob Geringer, P.E., Director, Laramie County Public Works
  • Mark Wingate, P.E., WYDOT
  • City Councilman Jeff White
  • Vicki Nemecek, City Public Works

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is comprised of Planners, Engineers, and technical members of the City, County, WYDOT, and other agencies/organizations in the Cheyenne area which have a direct interest in the development of an efficient and effective transportation system.  The Technical committee recommends to Policy Committee approval of plans and projects.

Agendas and Minutes

Cheyenne MPO Technical Committee meetings begin at 10:00 am in room 208, 2101 O’Neil Avenue, unless otherwise noted.

Voting Members

  • Vicki Nemecek, Public Works Director
  • Amy Allen, P.E., City Engineer, City of Cheyenne
  • Robert Briggs, Planning Services Director, City of Cheyenne
  • Kevin McCoy, Transportation Planner, WYDOT
  • Wayne Shenefelt, Resident Engineer, WYDOT
  • Andrea Allen, Project Development, WYDOT
  • Rob Geringer, Director, Laramie County Public Works
  • Vacant, Director, Laramie County Planning
  • Dave Bumann, Laramie County Planning
  • Dennis Auker, Laramie County School District No. 1
  • Randy Bruns, President, Cheyenne LEADS or
    • Anja Bendel, Cheyenne LEADS
  • Frank Cole, Development Representative or
    • Joe Patterson, Development Representative
  • Todd Eldridge, FE Warren AFB
  • Tim Barth, Manager, Cheyenne Airport
  • Jef McMann, Local Utilities
  • Bruce Hattig, Board of Public Utilities
  • Vacant, Trucking Industry Representative
  • Sara Thompson Cassidy, Railroad Industry Representative
  • Matt Butler, Deputy EMA Director, Emergency Management
  • TBD, Highway Safety, Transportation Safety
  • Renae Jording, Director, City Transit Program
  • Vacant, City Parks and Recreation Bicycle and Pedestrian Representative, Trails Planner

 Non Voting Members

  • Deanne Widauf, Director, Housing and Urban Development
  • Walt Satterfield, Planner, FHWA